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iDistillery is a comprehensive iPhone application on Scotland whisky distilleries that includes detailed information on 127 scotch producers. This app provides in-depth information on the history, location tour hours and other interesting and useful facts and figures on each distillery. This is a must have app if you plan on traveling to Scotland to visit distilleries. Additionally, this is an excellent reference for any whisky / scotch connoisseur that wants to take their knowledge of Scottish distilleries to the next level.

iDistillery Features
  • Region Profiles − Detailed information and characteristics on each of the Scottish whisky producing regions including the Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay.

  • Distilleries by Region − Provides the ability to find and sort distilleries by region simply by clicking on a given section of the map.

  • Critical Distillery Data − Provides data on each Scotland distillery including address, phone number, website, longitude and latitude, production status, region etc...

  • Production Process Overview − Detailed information on each step of the whisky production process.

  • Map View − Obtain a map to distilleries based on your location using on the iPhone map kit and the internal GPS. These zoomable maps are invaluable to help you find your way.

  • Tour Tips and Hints − Tips and hints to help you get the most out of your distillery tours.

  • Audio Files − Sound files for each distillery (provides pronunciation).

  • Distillery Overview − Information on the history, interesting facts and visitor center hours for each distillery.

  • iDistillery Quiz − Test your knowledge of whisky / scotch / distilleries with the distillery quiz.

  • Closed Distillery − iDistillery even includes information on Scottish whisky distilleries that have long since closed down such as Port Ellen, Rosebank, Kinclaith and other producers of rare scotches.
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What Users Say...

iDistillery Image − UWyoGirl
"An amazing resource for anyone interested in whisky and the Scotland distilleries! I wish I had this when I was visiting Scotland this past summer. It would have been invaluable. I also love the quiz. Fun and informative!"

iDistillery Image − Ramarious
"Irreplaceable, whether you are a devoted Scotch drinker or just attending your first tasting. Highly recommended for those interested in trying some new flavors."
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